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Roller Coaster Road in Langhorne, Bucks Co? 

Yes, it’s true! If you want to feel like 12 years old for a few minutes, have a huge grin on your face and make funny noises, head on over to South Flowers Mill Rd from Maple Ave in Langhorne. This road connects Maple Ave and Old Lincoln Highway, if you want to hop from Route 1 to Route 95 as well.) 

South Flowers Mill Rd. is a ROLLER COASTER Rd! Be careful and aware of cars in front of you, as you head from Maple Avenue. About 1/3 of the way in, you can get your car in the air and get THAT feeling in your stomach. It’s awesome on the way to Old Lincoln Highway and still pretty good on the way back to Maple Ave. 

My daughters always ask me to find an excuse to go on the Roller Coaster Road and all 3 of us grin and squeal as we go.  Such a simple pleasure can make your day, don’t you think? It makes ours every time I find a reason to get my car in the air 🙂


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