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Your paint project cheat sheet is here!

Spring is here and many of us start thinking about fresh, clean and ideas pop up about painting here and there. With so many options, colors, techiques available, it is helpful to have a simple info sheet to bring with you. Here is one to get you started. This one will talk about how to figure out how much paint you will need for your project and which paint sheen will be the best for your project. Let’s get started!
  How much paint will you need?
  1. Calculate the wall area: length x height = area (sq. ft). Add all area sq. ft. together.     
  1.   2. If you have oversized windows, deduct their sq. ft. from the total area of the room.
  3. Calculate the quantity of paint you need: total square feet / 350 sq. ft per gallon = # of Gallons you will need (per coat)
   Which paint sheen to use?
  1. Flat/matte: low traffic areas, hides surface imperfections. Recommended for living room, dining room, bedroom.
  2. Eggshell: smooth with added washability, low-sheen. Recommended for living & dining rom, bedroom, foyer.
  3. Satin: scrubbability plus finish, soft sheen reflects light. Recommended for active rooms such as family room, children’s room, laundry, kitchen, bathrooms.
  4. Semi-gloss: most scrubbable paint for walls, smooth sheen reflects light, great for high-traffic areas. Recommended for kitchen (cabinets/doors), moulding, trim.
5. Gloss: most scrubbable finish, ideal for frequently washed surfaces.  Recommended for trim, woodwork, moulding, doors and cabinets.
Quick, easy and very useful. Now, save this guide in your Evernote, save it on your computer or print it to bring with you.

What paint projects do you plan to embark on this spring and summer? Please share.


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Did you know we are experts at Estate Sales? 

Did you know one of our team’s specialties is Estate Sales. Whether it’s the contents of the entire house, just furniture, antiques, small stuff, we handle everything!
We will advise you what to sell, when, who to contact if you have antique items, what to do with items that don’t sell. Estate sales can be done strategically to prepare your home to go on the market, or after your home is sold and you don’t want to take certain items with you to your next destination.

We handle the Estate Sale from start to finish, so you have a peace of mind. To see how Estate Sale works and us in action, please stop by our next Estate Sale:
126 Rugby Drive, Langhorne, PA 19047
Friday, April 26, 9-2
Or, of course, contact us for more information.

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 Tips and Tricks I learned from HGTV magazine

I enjoy browsing through different magazines. Many different things interest me. So when I stopped by our local library on Tuesday night, I picked up a March 2013 issue of HGTV magazine. I think this is the first time that I looked through this one. I was thinking to myself, that, since, I enjoy watching HGTV when I have a few free minutes, let’s see what the magazine is all about.  Here are a few tips that I picked up from this issue, that I would like to share:
  • Check out ferguson.com  and efaucets.com, which often beat the big box stores on the prices of faucets. The suggestion is to go for simple designs and opt for chrome over brushed nickel. Changing faucets is one of the least expensive things you can do to update your kitchen and baths.
  • The best time to buy trees is from late August through the end of December, when nurseries are clearing out their stock for the winter.  Also, Lowes offers 1 year guarantee on their plants, just keep the receipt.
  • October is a great time to save as much as 75% on outdoor furniture!
  • Shop for refrigerators in May, as many manufacturers roll out new models in June.
If you have seen Mike Holmes’ programs on HGTV and DIY Networks, you know this home inspector knows his stuff. He is a truly experienced professional. I would love to add him to my list of recommended inspectors that I provide to my buyer clients.  Here a a few of his suggestions:
  • Rather than use salt that eats away at everything, try sand or cat litter.
  • Regular gutters cleaning is a must. It’s one of the most common reasons of water in the basement or foundation issues. Invest in gutter guards as well to prevent leaves and debris clogging the gutters in the first place. Mike also suggests to extend the downspouts 6 feet along the ground from the house.
  • Clean or replace dirty furnace filters monthly throughout the year if your furnace is attached to your cooling system. If furnace is only used for heating, then replace the filter monthly just during the cold weather. I have seen some really ugly, dirty filters that have caused the cooling systems to fail, freeze and create problems.
Another great article highlighted 22 curb appeal options. It does not have to be expensive or extensive. A cozy bench with bright pillows, a welcoming doormat, an easy to maintain window box, hanging flower planters were just a few of simple but effective suggestions. These ideas will work great if you are just sprucing up your outdoor space or if you are getting ready to put your home on the market and want to create a good first impression for buyers.
I think, next time I am at the library again, I will pick up a few other monthly copies.
What are your favorite magazines to read and pick up useful tips from?

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Don’t need California Wine, our own vineyard only 20 minutes away! 

Our oldest daughter was off from school yesterday, so my husband took her and our nephew who is visiting from Michigan, to historical areas of Washington’s Crossing area, here in Bucks County.

If you need a great idea for a Saturday, make plans sometime this spring or summer to visit this historic landmark which dates back to George Washington and 1776.

The site of the crossing is a National Historic Landmark; the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware River is now a state historic site and museum. The crossing vicinity site features the assembly area, embankment point, landing area, the road used by the Continental Army for its attack, the historic McConkey Feryy Inn, the Thompson-Neely House and the 19th-century Village of Taylorsville. Today, the 500-acre recreational area includes 13 historic buildings, replica Durham boats like those used during the 1776 crossing, the noted 100-acre Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve and observation tower, and many picnic areas.

You can find more details about the historic area here. 

When the group got home, my husband surprised me with a pretty bag from Crossing Vineyards, our local popular winery. Crossing Vineyards is located on a two-hundred year old Bucks County estate, less than a mile from the place where George Washington crossed the Delaware in 1776.

We now have a Blush and a Wild Berry Blueberry Wine to try.  I also had a chance to take a look the calendar of events at the winery and was impressed.

Here are some of the intriguing events that are coming up: TGIF every 2nd Friday of the Month (evening with music, wine and cheese), Wine tasting & Yoga on May 12th, learn how to select cheeses to complement your favorite wines on April 21, May 5, Spring wine tour (Bucks County Wine Trail) on May 19th, I wrote about this before, and much more.  You can view the full calendar here.

Even though our local liquor stores feature wines from all over the world, don’t overlook what we have right around the corner. Take time this spring and summer and explore what Bucks county has to offer. You will be surprised!

What have you discovered in Bucks County that you can share?

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